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Our Story

How it all began is a story of entrepreneurship and of course
a little bit of luck.
Adriaan Buys

Adriaan Buys started iFeedback in 2010 as a full-service online survey solution. Our online solution quickly grew to become a favorite with students from most of South Africa's Universities. We added some other fringe research and data collection services very soon after to support our academic clients.

Being part of the developing of Science in South Africa is absolutely amazing. Every day you get to experience how research is being conducted and how many wonderful people support initiatives that ultimately leads to science and gets taught to the new generation. Deep down we all want to make a difference but don't know how too.

  • Be part of the development of science 
  • See how people are making a difference
  • Pay it forward

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What we do

Providing research data collection and other services to
academia, students, and business.

Our Skills

If you require a research partner that will enable you to implement large or small, quick and/or in-depth research projects. We have the tools to assist you, iFeedback bring you a full-service offering, spanning research project management, data collection, and expert data analysis.

Online & Face to Face Research Data Collection80%
Academic Research Project Specialist Work90%
GIS & Tableau Data Analysis60%
Online & Social Media Technology70%
Email & Social Media Respondent Recruiting85%

Why Choose Us?

Academic Data Collection Specialist

iFeedback is a favorite stop for students and lecturers to conduct their research. Our service is tailored towards academic research, significantly reducing the timelines required to complete the data capturing and data collection phases. 

Online research has reduced the costs involved and improved the accuracy and quality of data compared with manual capturing. Results are supplied in .csv or excel format – ready to be imported into all major statistics software for analysis.

Latest Research Technology
We Connect Researchers and Respondents
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Why iFeedback

Fast turnaround times. Flexible data collection options. Powerful technology solutions.

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