Email Database

Cost per email

Optimal for a targeted sample.

Response Rate Guarantee

A fixed cost is levied and you only pay according to the number of responses.

Criteria Selection

Select any respondents based on a wide range of criteria.

A successful survey needs to target and reach the best audience. To ensure this, we offer an email database service whereby we run an email campaign prompting targeted recipients to participate in the survey.

There are two convenient and cost-effective options:

  1. Cost per email - optimal for a targeted sample
  2. Response Rate Guarantee - a fixed cost is levied and you only pay according to the number of responses

Records can be selected from the Database by the following criteria:

  • Type of Industry
  • Type of management (Such as Financial Managers, Marketing Management or IT Management)
  • Level of management (CEO, Director level, General Management, Line Management etc)
  • Size of company (measured by number of employees)
  • Geographic region (by province or city)
  • Gender
  • Ethnic group (W/C/A/B)
  • JSE listed or subsidiary of JSE listed company
  • Is company foreign or locally owned.
  • Or any combination of the above
Response rate management

Managing the responses for your survey is probably the most important aspect of your data collection phase. Utilizing our database takes the stress and hassle out of finding suitable respondents and managing the feedback process. Our services provide you with quality data and enable you to focus on data analysis rather than data collection.

Sample size

Managing your sample size is important to determine how representative your sample is of your population. We can assist in sample size suggestions by weighing up the research cost and response rate requirements. 

Response Rate

Managing your response rate is one of our core functions. Do you require a response rate guarantee (only in South Africa)? If so, we can provide you with highly-competitive and market-leading costing for this benefit.

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