FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you not publish your prices online?

iFeedback is a full service research supplier. We offer various services and service packages customized to your individual requirements. Some of our customers are Multi National corporations and other customers are students completing their MBA research paper.

We aim to provide you with a customized and cost effective service addressing your specific requirements. We do offer student discounts of up to 30% compared to our list price.

What is full service?

iFeedback offers a survey service package that includes Design, Capturing, Advising, Reporting. In short you supply us with the questionnaire in your required format - ie Word. We design a questionnaire online for you. Capture your data, supply you with the link to send to your respondents. After the survey you receive an excel spreadsheet or .csv file with your results. You also get access to an online real time feedback weblink - highlighting your results.

Further to the basic services mentioned we can also design your questionnaire, send your survey to our database of respondents and finally analyze your data.

How secure is my data?

Daily backups are conducted securing your data on our system. The backups are stored on separate hard drives to ensure that in event of a failure your data will be secure.

All data is securely stored on a encrypted and password protected platform. In the unlikely case of third party access to our site for maintenance, necessary steps are taken to ensure your data is secure.

Can I use my own company logo?

We do offer two branding options within the survey site.

The first option is a 250x500 banner included on the right hand side of the survey software, supplying very strong branding. We do offer banner design for the survey as a service.

The second option - we offer the replacement of our iFeedback logo at the top left to companies requiring full branding control for a nominal extra charge. This option is less flexible and the logo size restricted due to technical reasons.

Please feel free to contact us with any customization required - as a full service offering - we have flexibility to align with your campaign.

Do I require any technical knowledge to host an online survey with iFeedback?

No technical knowledge or learning curve is required to host your survey with us. We conduct all the online and background work on your behalf and submit it for your approval. If you can write a Word document, you can host your survey with us.

How much time do I require to host a survey on iFeedback?

This can vary due to the size of the project but here is some guidelines. On receipt of the questionnaire - we capture your survey and supply first draft usually within 24hrs (Please take into account work weeks and International time zones). An email campaign utilizing our database service will take on average one week to complete.

Other services depend on the size of the project and the amount of reverts we have on the survey.



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