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Academic Research Data Collection

iFeedback is a favourite stop for students and lecturers to conduct their research. Our service is tailored towards academic research, significantly reducing the timelines required to complete the data capturing and collection phases.

Student and Academic Research Surveys

Our online research method has reduced the costs involved and improved the accuracy and quality of data compared with manual capturing. Results are supplied in .csv or excel format – ready to be imported into all major statistical software for analysis. We offer an additional service that converts this data into tables if required.

Our E-mail Database

Our database email sending option in South Africa has revolutionized the way respondents are reached, minimizing the turnaround time to complete a research project. Added features, like our Response Rate Guarantee, have become a popular offering at iFeedback, as most research projects require a specific response rate to make it statistically viable. 


Satisfied clients of iFeedback
Gathering the required data was the most daunting part of my research, especially since I needed a large number of responses from human subjects. iFeedback offered me the best package. My data was presented to me in a very professional manner, I could track the progress real time, and I got even more respondents than I had hoped for within a very short time. iFeedback ensured that all my research needs were met, and he even offered students discounts. They come highly recommended!
iFeedback was contracted to design and administer the website. The service that we received exceeded our expectations in just about every way; professionalism, reaction time, innovative ideas and feedback on performance of the site. I can recommend their website design and management services with great confidence.
We recently completed a number of joint projects with Ifeedback and are happy to say Ifeedback  provided excellent service marked by: personal quality service, the use of high quality modern software, total solution drive, good value for money, flexibility, quick turn around solutions and commitment. We strongly recommend Ifeedback as they are committed to quality data collection through the use of cost effective technologically driven solutions.
I would like to thank you once again for assisting me with the data collection for my doctoral study. You rendered a highly professional service to me and I appreciate all the effort and the fact that you always kept me informed of the progess made with the data collection. My promoter is very impressed with the way in which the data collection was done and it definitely adds scientific value to my study.

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