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How many people do you need to take your survey? Even if you’re a statistician, determining the survey sample size can be tough.

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How many respondents should I target for my survey?

Managing the responses for your survey is probably the most important aspect of your data collection phase. Utilizing our database takes the stress and hassle out of finding suitable respondents and managing the feedback process. Our services provide you with quality data and enable you to focus on data analysis rather than data collection. We have included a quick calculator to help you work out how many respondents you will need.

How representative is your sample?

Managing your sample size is not the only consideration when you are planning your research sample. How representative your sample is, is just as critical. Does your sample look like the total population? Make sure factors such as the demographics of your sample is similar to the population. A famous example of how a wrong sample can influence the research is that of the Literary Digest. The Literary Digest conducted a poll with 2.27 million respondents in 1936 to determine the outcome of the American election. The poll turned out to be wrong due to sampling bias. The sample was initially drawn from the Literary Digest readers who turned out not be representative of the entire countries population. Ultimately the poll leads to the demise of the Literary Digest.
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Sample Size Calculator

Managing your sample size is important to determine how representative your sample is of your population. The sample size calculator uses Yamane (1967:886) to calculate the sample size.
1. Select your precision level.
2. Select your population size.
The calculator will calculate your sample size. 

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