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Our state of the art Online GIS Mapping solutions and services will enable you to get insights from your GPS and location specific data. From regional sales tracking to online customer and consumer maps. Contact us for our service solutions.

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Mapping Solutions

iFeedback offer bespoke services to our clients on various trusted GIS Online Mapping services. We provide data collection for location mapping projects as well as data visualisation on mapping and big data type solutions. In short we build great online maps for your business.

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The development of online mapping solutions has truly brought the power of mapping visualisation to all companies big and small. Everyone now has the ability to build great analytics based on their existing or purposive data. At iFeedback we offer solutions that will reduce the learning curve and set up your sulution for your staff and or clients.

We provide a full service solution and pride ourselves on taking the learning curve out of the technology for our clients. We are very proud to be based in South Africa and offer some country specific map solutions but are not restricted by location. Contact us for some samples of work we have done and to get access to some maps for you to test today. 

South African Population Map ~ Town and City




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